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About us

Supermind® is a software company specialized in assortment management, demand forecasting and automated replenishment in retail and wholesale business sector. Our company was established in June 2016, but our roots go much deeper. In average we have over fifteen years of experience developing and selling different supply-chain management solutions including inventory management and point-of-sale systems.

Our product is called Supermind® as well. It consists of three major components each offering solution in one problem. Together they form a state-of-the-art software solution for managing a complex supply-chain environments.

Supermind is a registered trademark of Supermind Ltd.


Assortment management

Our relation-based management system enables both simple and complex category management that efficiently links the SKU's and stores together. Assortment differentation can be done by grouping items and stores to different categories. Defining special store-item level exceptions is also possible.

Link to Finnish page: Valikoiman hallinta

Life cycle management

Item life cycle management is tightly connected to assortment management as well as business logic behind automated replenishment.

Transitions between life cycle states (such as from Created to Upcoming or from Mature to Discontinued) can be automated based on any data available in system, such as transactions or stock balances. In addition, changes in life cycle states can trigger various events.

Link to Finnish page: Elinkaaren hallinta

Demand forecasting

Supermind has a multitude of different forecasting methods such as season-, trend- and moving average. All forecasting methods are highly configurable and time-series based. Statistically significant sales peaks (campaigns etc.), other outliers and out-of-stock situations are taken into account as well, making demand forecast more accurate.

All forecasts are calculated in store-item (which we call cell) level on each day, for each day and 365 days ahead. Our forecasts are daily-based and weekday variation is also considered. Our in-cloud hybrid database architecture makes it possible to calculate millions of forecasts with all possible forecasting methods, for all items in all stores, each night, automatically. And super fast!

Link to Finnish page: Kysynnän ennustaminen

Automated replenishment

Purchase proposals are based on calculated demand forecasts. Latest stock balance, open orders and other directives such as package sizes, ordering schedules and delivery times are considered thus resulting in accurate simulation of stock balance and needed replenishments.

Supermind makes stock replenishment easy by making clear and straightforward purchase proposals: what, when, how much and where to order from. In the end, purchase proposals can be automatically transferred to the existing ERP/POS as a purchase order or stock transfer order depending on the physical logistics configuration. All this can be done with semi or full automation.

Link to Finnish page: Automaattinen täydennystilaaminen

Want to know more?

If you want to know more about us and our product, don't hesitate to contact. Give us a call or drop us a line by e-mail. We are here for you!

Jani Kärkkäinen | Founder | [email protected] | +358 40 685 3746

Petri Lindholm | Sales Director | [email protected] | +358 400 420 583

If you are in Finland near the Turku region, stop by and see us! Our office is only a 5 minute drive from the center of Turku, 5 minute walk from Turku Central railway station or a 15 minute drive from Turku Airport. We're located in Logomo Byrå business center. Just type the address Junakatu 9, Turku or Logomo, Turku into your navigator and you'll find us.