So that you never run out of stock

An intelligent software solution for automated ordering to optimize your supply chain

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Benefits your business

in so many ways

Improve on-shelf availability

Avoid human errors, order on-time and on-demand

Reduce inventory value

Avoid over-stocking, optimize order quantities

Spend less time in ordering

Automate and schedule ordering

An efficient tool for managing your supply chain

Recommended by our customers

Easy and efficient A browser-based user interface that can be used on any device and operating system, anywhere and anytime.

Integrates with your ERP SUPERMIND works seamlessly with your POS or ERP system.

Lots of features Assortment management, product life-cycle management, seasonal inventory management, automated demand forecasting, intelligent demand calculation, purchase proposals, various reporting features, and much more.

One platform

Multiple solutions

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Heard from our customers

Our customers are very happy to use SUPERMIND.

I already knew that SUPERMIND would make our operations more efficient, but I had no idea it could be this versatile. We use it more and more every day, and its benefits become more clear by the day. In my own work, SUPERMIND serves as an effective tool both in purchasing and marketing. Simply put, SUPERMIND gives you all the necessary information in ways that humans can’t match.
Juha-Pekka Iso-Oja
Tavaratalo Hurrikaani
If you have a feeling that things are not quite under control, it might be a good idea to invest in automation. We used to play things more by ear, which led to stock imbalances and empty shelves in our stores. Some products were temporarily unavailable, or seasonal goods were overstocked. With the new system, orders are placed automatically when the stock is running low.
Miika Ranta
Once, we were about to fall short of our supplier’s sales goals and miss out on our annual bonus. Our store shelves were looking scarce as some items had run out of stock. We added the supplier’s products to SUPERMIND’s automated ordering system and were able to meet our goals. The supplier’s representative soon reached out to us, wondering how we did it.
Markku Vuokila