Automated replenishment

Demand calculation and automated replenishment are one of the main functions of Supermind. With SUPERMIND, the purchasing process is almost fully automated, which allows you to free up human resources from routine tasks.


  • Inventory levels remain at a reasonable level
  • Improved product availability
  • Purchasing resources can be freed from routine tasks to handling more complex tasks
  • Ability to manage replenishment in one place

Intelligent demand calculation

Supermind’s intelligent demand calculation tool simulates the stock balance for one year ahead and plans the next replenishments based on the simulated balance. The calculations are based on the following data:

  • Latest balance
  • Demand forecast
  • Open purchase and sale orders
  • Batch sizes
  • Minimum order quantity
  • Delivery time
  • Order frequency
  • Reserve stock

The reserve stock calculation is based on the results of automated ABC/XYZ analysis. SUPERMIND analyzes and groups items based on sales margins, turnover, predictability, sales volumes, and even the number of customers. Supermind’s ABC/XYZ segmentation algorithm is arguably the most versatile on the market.

Focus on exceptional situations

You can define a set of exception rules for the system. The system uses the rules to categorize the purchase order lines so that not all order lines have to be checked manually, only those with exceptions.

Processing the exceptions is easy, as you can define different priorities for them. For example, the more exception rules an individual order line activates, the more attention it requires when processing orders.

Examples of exception rules
  • The line value exceeds x euros
  • The order quantity equals a supply of more than xx days
  • Stock runs out before replenishment
  • Excess stock at other locations

The example situations mentioned above can be caused by excessive batch sizes or minimum order quantities, for example. Advance information about a possible overstock or availability problems is valuable information, as it allows you to address the problem in one way or another before it’s too late.

Additional information

Automated replenishment is based on SUPERMIND’s fully-automated forecast calculations. The system calculates a reliable forecast for both seasonal and non-seasonal products.

Demand forecasting

The system replenishes products that belong to the selection of a specific location (central warehouse or store). Assortment and life-cycle management is an essential part of your business, and it can be very challenging without the right tools.

Assortment management
Life-cycle management


SUPERMIND works seamlessly with your ERP or POS system. It is integrated into your existing system, so that all necessary information is transferred automatically between the systems.

SUPERMIND produces purchase orders (or proposals) that are transferred to the existing system either semi-automatically or fully automatically.

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