Assistant service

Are you short on staff? Are your shelves looking scarce? Do you have to make purchasing decisions in a hurry?

An assistant at your service

Supermind helps you save time by taking care of timely purchases so that you never run out of stock. Despite efficient systems, you may need a short-term or long-term purchasing assistant who will ensure that the goods are delivered at the right time, in the right quantity, and at the lowest possible cost.

Whether your need support for hours, days, or even months, we at Supermind can provide you with a qualified assistant. Our assistant will take care of stock replenishment reliably, professionally, and in accordance with your company’s instructions, take care of dealings with suppliers, and make sure that you have enough stock, and ensures that inventory values ​​remain under control.

Our assistants can also help you with other routine tasks, such as matching purchase invoices, updating product information or, for example, inventory support tasks.


  • More flexible resource management
  • Quick onboarding due to excellent industry knowledge
  • A qualified assistant with years of experience working with ERP and POS systems
  • Unparalleled Supermind expertise

Would you like to know more?

If you want to know more about our assistant service, please contact our sales team.

Petri Lindholm
+358 400 420 583
[email protected]