The SUPERMIND software is suitable for many different types of retail companies of different sizes. The solution is available in two ready-made packages: BASIC and STANDARD. The BASIC package is intended for small wholesale and specialty stores with one or a few locations. The STANDARD package is intended for larger stores and small retail chains. The PRO package is our most popular product and contains the most extensive set of features. The implementation phase includes a comprehensive business area definition project, and data integrations with the customer’s ERP system can be customized to meet the customer’s needs.


The main features of the products are listed below. For more information about the different product packages, please contact our sales team. If you want to know more about how to use SUPERMIND and its features, we would be happy to provide a demonstration either remotely or in person.


All necessary order and storage management features for small wholesalers, specialty stores, and independent stores.

€395 / month

1 location
10,000 items
3 users
10 metrics


✔️ Can be used on any device (Windows, Mac, tablet, mobile phone)

✔️ Standard views, metrics, and reports (e.g. ABC/XYZ analysis, sales, profit and inventory (SPI) reports)

✔️ Assortment management

✔️ Standard integration with ERP or POS

✔️ Personal views


The implementation of the software takes place independently without a deployment project. The software includes user training material and video tutorials.

SUPERMIND BASIC can only be integrated with selected ERP and POS systems.


For small retail chains and large independent stores or wholesalers.

€895 / month

10 locations
75,000 items
10 users
20 metrics


✔️ All features of the BASIC package

✔️ More metrics (e.g. profit and inventory turnover, days-in-stock (DIS), balance, and assortment analyses)

✔️ Extended integration with ERP or POS

✔️ Scheduled report emails

✔️ Seasonal inventory and product life-cycle management

✔️ Demand forecasting and automated replenishment

✔️ Custom functions

✔️ Personal and shared views


The software will be implemented independently without a deployment project. The software includes user training material and videos tutorials. Customized metrics and integrations may be subject to additional costs. The prices will be agreed separately with the customer.

SUPERMIND STANDARD can only be integrated with selected ERP and POS systems.


For large retail chains and the demanding needs of larger retailers and wholesalers.

Ask more!

> 20 locations
> 75,000 items
> 50 users
50 metrics


✔️ All features of the BASIC and STANDARD packages

✔️ More and more advanced metrics

✔️ Automated management of seasonal peaks

✔️ More demand forecasting models

✔️ Custom metrics and functions

✔️ Custom business logic

✔️ Campaign management

✔️ Customizable integration

✔️ Personal, shared and public views


The software will be implemented in collaboration with the customer. We will provide a separate offer for the deployment project. The deployment project includes business area definition, customization of the system with different configurations, and user training.

SUPERMIND BASIC can be integrated with nearly all ERP and POS systems.

Additional information

With the BASIC and STANDARD packages, you will only be charged a monthly fee, i.e. there are no separate integration, implementation, project or license fees.

Additional locations and users can be added to all packages for an additional cost. Additional features, such as a wholesale module or a synchronized demand calculation module, can also be added to the packages. The wholesale module enables the processing of customer-specific assortments and forecasts. The synchronized demand calculation module enables central warehouse demand calculation based on the stores’ estimated order needs.

Metrics are calculated automatically for several different data levels (dimensions), and they can be viewed, for example, by item, supplier, product group, or location. Examples of metrics: inventory value, sales margin, turnover, sales at purchase prices, days-in-stock, inventory turnover, ABC category, assortment coverage, availability, and delivery reliability.

The system displays information in a table view that you can edit according to your preferences. The view can be, for example, a product listing that displays the basic information of a product, as well as selected metrics, such as inventory value, sales margin/ROI and availability percentage, filtered according to the product group and inventory value. The views can be filtered by one or more criteria. The view is like a quick report that can be saved, accessed anytime and anywhere, and possibly shared with other users or made public. Public views can be shared, for example, with suppliers or customers. Multiple views can be saved with different names, so you can create your own exception reports or stock alert reports.

A ‘user’ is a person who uses the service under their own user credentials. The ‘number of users’ refers to the number of concurrent active users. A ‘location’ is a store, central warehouse or wholesale warehouse whose data has been uploaded to the service. The location in which the service is used does not affect the cost of the service.

An ‘item’ is a product to be sold or stored. An ‘active item’ is an item that is currently in stock or has been in stock within the past year.

A value-added tax of 24% is added to the prices. The commercial terms will be agreed in more detail in connection with the implementation of the service.

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