Campaign management

Supermind’s campaign management feature makes it easy to order products for your future campaigns by creating campaign orders based on additional sales from your previous campaigns.


  • Orders campaign products in the right quantities and at the right time
  • Minimizes remaining stock and unnecessary additional orders
  • Helps to analyze the results of the campaign by separating the additional campaign sales from the baseline sales
  • Minimizes the time spent on campaign orders with centralized campaign ordering

Campaign management in practice

In Supermind, campaign management starts from determining the time and duration of the campaign, productization, and specifying other basic information. Productization means that the products belonging to the campaign have been selected and they have been linked to the stores. The campaign may concern an individual store, a limited number of stores, or all of the stores.

The basic information of the campaign includes e.g. the name and time of the campaign, and the hashtags related to the campaign. A hashtag can be additional information describing either the entire campaign or individual products, facilitating the intelligent forecast algorithm (e.g. #shelfend, #massdisplay, #specialoffer). Supermind utilizes these tags when creating the most suitable demand forecast for the upcoming campaign.

The idea is that the same product, in the same store, at the same time of the year and with the same hashtags in previous campaigns can be used as a comparison when calculating the forecast for the additional sales of the upcoming campaign. The forecasting algorithm works well even with less reference data. The forecasting algorithm can be versatilely configured by changing the way references are selected and how they are weighted.

Ready-made campaign orders

The campaign management feature produces campaign-specific and store-specific orders, which can be transferred to the ERP system at the push of a button. If necessary, orders can be combined with basic replenishment orders or they can be processed as separate orders. Open campaign orders do not affect the basic orders placed on Supermind, the campaign order process is completely separate. Campaign orders can be made well in advance and they take into account e.g. seasonal demand, store-specific assortments, and predicted stock levels during the campaign.

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