Supermind’s purchasing and logistics experts provide consulting services to retailers and wholesalers. An external consultant can bring a whole new perspective to your routines.

We have years of experience in operational purchasing and stock replenishment. We are familiar with the logistics processes of all types of businesses, from small store chains to large industrial companies.

We analyze your purchasing process as a whole. In addition to the process itself, we analyze the efficiency of your information systems in order to optimize the product flow.

We analyze data and make purchasing proactive so things run on their own and you don’t have to worry about putting out fires.

We use forecasts as a purchasing tool, and we will also instruct your suppliers on how to use them. At the same time, we help you develop your buyer-supplier relationships.

Efficient flow of information within the organization is very important in purchasing. In the purchasing process, we strive to optimize not only the order quantities and schedules, but also the flow of information. When all parties are aware of the movements of the goods and their own role, this will ensure the best possible result!

We also monitor tied-up capital and stock: we aim to reduce inventory levels both in your company and in the entire supply chain.

We make suggestions to enhance the use of information systems. We automate part of the purchasing process. The systems do the work for you and help you save a significant amount of time.

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