Could you be the next Supermind?

Open positions

Unfortunately, we do not have any open positions at the moment. However, we strongly believe that we will need to expand our team of experts in the near future. We encourage you to send us an open application to [email protected] and tell us about yourself!

Supermind as an employer

Supermind is a relatively young technology company founded in 2016. We do not call ourselves a startup, even though many others do. We strive to grow organically through internal financing.

With us, you get to participate in the development of our product and business, regardless of your position. We want to give all our employees the opportunity to participate in the development in some way. We give you the time and opportunity to be creative.

We want you to enjoy working with us, just as we want our customers to enjoy doing business with us.

Supermind’s tech stack

Our software solution is not based on existing reporting or analytics services. We develop our own product together with customers, with the goal of making their everyday life as easy and efficient as possible.

Our goal is to transform difficult tasks into simple ones. It means that everything is done with the end user’s best interest at heart, with minimal engineering jargon – we develop software and services that are smooth, practical, and easy to use.

Our technology stack largely consists of Microsoft products (DevOps, MSSQL, ASP.NET Core, C# and Azure services, such as Data Factory, Logic Apps, Function App and App Services), but we are also open to other solutions. We believe that as our business grows and the number of people increases, technologies and tools will be shaped along with them.

Deep learning, artificial intelligence, memory-resident databases, low-level or functional programming languages – such as Google Cloud, Amazon AWS or Oracle Cloud, to name a few – may be selected as part of our tech stack, perhaps thanks to you.

Stop by our office!

You are always welcome to visit our office in Logomo! If you want to stop by to introduce yourself and say hello to our team, please contact us by email ([email protected]) or telephone and let’s set up a meeting!