Success story: Ruohonjuuri

November 22th, 2023


One of Supermind’s most significant clients is the Ruohonjuuri chain. Ruohonjuuri is a Finnish eco-shop chain focusing on comprehensive and natural well-being. They have 17 stores, in addition to an online store at

We interviewed Ruohonjuuri Oy’s Head of Assortment Management, Sini Martikainen, about her experience with Supermind. Here’s how she responded to our questions:

Supermind: “How long have you been using the SUPERMIND system?”

Sini: “Exactly three years.”

SM: “How has the system impacted your work?”

Sini: “It has immensely streamlined our operations. Our costs significantly decreased after implementing the system. It greatly influences purchasing, but other tasks are also done better and faster, and most importantly, availability improves. Initially, we were a bit concerned and monitored availability closely. I can’t provide exact figures, but availability has never dropped, even though the value of our inventory decreased.”

“There are many other things; assortment management is faster and more precise, SUPERMIND’s informativeness is in a different league compared to other systems. Additionally, the system is very user-friendly; anyone can find the necessary information.”

“And I must continue: Inventory values decreased quite rapidly after implementing the system. It’s hard to measure, but definitely hundreds of thousands in a few months, up to 20%, and at least 10% for sure.”

SM: “What are the best features of SUPERMIND, and why do you like them?”

Sini: “Efficiency, it doesn’t freeze, ease of use, simple views, customization options, bulk changes, and the campaign module.”

SM: “Wow! That answer came quickly. How easy was the implementation?”

Sini: “The implementation went smoothly, even though we were undergoing other reforms simultaneously, which slowed down the process.”

SM: “Would you recommend the product to others, and why?”

Sini: “I would definitely recommend it; I haven’t seen a better system. If you want something simple, efficient, and fast, this is it. Moreover, the collaborative development spirit has been unique! The vibe with Supermind is certainly not stiff. And customers also understand the IT language used by Supermind folks.”

SM: “How quickly did you notice positive results from using SUPERMIND?”

Sini: “Within the first year, practically immediately.”

SM: “Have you needed to contact customer service during use? If yes, how did customer service assist you?”

Sini: “Not much, not even once a month. When we do, it’s often about development areas. Initially, there was more contact, and we developed a lot, holding weekly meetings. The active development phase was probably about a year long. And of course, we continue to develop.”

SM: “Have you noticed the system saving time or money?”

Sini: “Absolutely!”

At SUPERMIND, we are extremely satisfied with our collaboration with Ruohonjuuri’s professional organization. As a result of this collaboration, new features have been developed for Supermind, such as the campaign management module we ideated together, which Ruohonjuuri uses to enhance campaign purchasing and analyze the success of campaigns. This is a very beneficial feature for the customer, greatly complementing the SUPERMIND product. At SUPERMIND, we have a clear opinion; this is how cooperation between a customer and IT provider should be!

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