Our cornerstones

Every company talks about things they want to represent. The same goes for us.

We want to ensure that we are clear in all our communication. Our customers never have to wonder about our prices or delivery times.

Our work is based on integrity. We respect our customers, employees and other stakeholders, including our competitors.

We know that the customer is always right, but we will always provide our professional opinion if we think something might not work. We also know that simple is not only beautiful, but also more efficient, and helps us save our customers money, time, and energy.

SUPERMIND is a way of life for us. We see it as a way to give our customers superpowers. We always keep our promises, it’s a matter of honor to us. If you can’t reach us, we’ll call you back as soon as we can. We want to develop as individuals and professionals, and develop both our own and our customers’ business.

Simply put, we are not a software company, we are a service company that makes great software.

So that you never run out of stock

Our operations are based on four cornerstones: our mission, values, strategy, and vision. They are the basis of our corporate culture, our principles, our actions, and the thoughts behind our decisions. We rely on these cornerstones in all our interactions with our customers, employees, partners, service providers, investors, and shareholders.


  • We make sure that products are delivered on time, at the right place, and in the right quantity.
  • We help our customers get more with less.
  • We serve retailers, wholesalers, industrial companies and catering companies in the private and public sectors.
  • We always use modern and secure technology.


  • Act responsibly
  • Develop and evolve
  • Treat everyone equally
  • Be honest, respectful, and helpful
  • Say thank you, sorry, and please
  • Always be prepared to answer any question
  • Minimize your carbon footprint


  1. Develop the best software solution for supply chain optimization
  2. Maintain a positive service attitude
  3. Grow and increase brand awareness
  4. Expand to new customer segments
  5. Establish strategic partnerships
  6. Internationalize


We want all European SMEs that buy and sell goods to have an optimized and automated supply chain so they can ensure product availability, minimize waste, and optimize working capital – with as little work as possible.