We develop and sell a supply chain management software called SUPERMIND and provide related consulting services for retail and wholesale companies. The solution includes various functions, such as assortment and product life-cycle management, demand forecasting, and automated replenishment.

SUPERMIND is suitable for independent retailers as well as larger chains. The solution allows you to manage replenishment orders from external suppliers and from your own central warehouse.

SUPERMIND is a comprehensive supply chain management system that works seamlessly with your ERP. The system generates demand forecasts using statistical algorithms, taking into account campaign-related sales spikes, out-of-stock periods due to product shortages, delivery times, order schedules, and packaging sizes.

The system provides clear and timely replenishment order proposals based on the above data. SUPERMIND allows you to minimize product shortages, improve on-shelf availability, avoid over-stocking, improve your sales, and reduce time spent on replenishment orders, leaving you more time for other tasks. Check out the links below to learn more about solutions.


SUPERMIND offers the following solutions:

Assortment management
Life-cycle management
Seasonal inventory management
Demand forecasting
Automated replenishment
Campaign management

SUPERMIND uses automated ABC/XYZ analysis, which classifies inventory items into different categories. SUPERMIND analyzes and groups items based on sales margins, turnover, predictability, sales volumes, and even the number of customers. Supermind’s ABC/XYZ segmentation algorithm is arguably the most versatile on the market.

Other services

We also offer solutions for system and data integration. In addition, our consultants are here to help you in any matter regarding your supply chain, storage, or logistics. We also offer an assistant service if you need temporary or permanent help with your routine tasks involving the use of SUPERMIND software or some other system. Data storage and modification can also be handled through our assistant service.

Assistant service